Surviving “The Week Of No Dispatchers”: A True Story

Renee’ Ferris is GM of a local P&D company in Chicago with about 50 drivers. A while back, she had the perfect storm:

  • Her AM dispatcher broke his leg in 3 places and was out of work for a week.
  • Her PM dispatcher went out of the country to visit relatives—the same week.
  • Her boss, the owner, went out of town for the same week.

Therefore, there was nobody in the office with dispatch skills, and they needed to route and manage almost 50 drivers and trucks in an intense, local LTL P&D environment. It could have been a disaster.

You can’t get a great P&D dispatcher from a temp agency. How did she manage? Was it a miracle?

How did the carrier survive that week?

How did the carrier survive that week?

I asked Ferris what got her through the week, and her first reply was, “JSY made it possible.” How come?

Ferris and her staff simply ran JSY’s OneTerminal TMS software, which walked them through every order from start to finish. There was no guessing which screen to use, and they didn’t get lost. She got the morning manifests done (with a little help at 5:00am from a seasoned driver). Then, she and the other three women in the office – a data entry person, a finance manager, and the HR manager – ran the trucking operation for that entire week. They could see everything they needed when drivers or customers called in.

“We’re a high-service, high-priced carrier, and believe me, it was a little unnerving to think about being without anyone who dispatches regularly. The software kept everything going and helped us keep our cool. We even maintained our usual profitability that week. It was a really amazing thing to be a part of,” said Ferris.

If you want to compare notes with Renee’ directly, you’re welcome to contact her at (She’ll probably tell you to just buy software from JSY.) It was an interesting week, that’s for sure, and a great story.

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