Technology and Embarrassment

EmbarrassedNobody likes to be embarrassed. I hear over and over that poor communication in business, just as in any relationship, creates the most embarrassment. It could be forgetting someone’s birthday or your anniversary. In fact, you might be feeling the heat of a prior embarrassing situation as you read this—the emotion is that powerful.

In trucking, embarrassment often comes up as the response to things like this:

  • “He only picked up 5 skids? Man, there were 7 to pick up. You did this last week too.”
  • “Where is the driver?” (even if he is already at the dock)
  • “Why can’t you tell me who signed for it and when?”
  • “When will you have a POD that I can see? The delivery was six days ago.”
  • “Why are we getting billed for detention when nobody gave us a heads-up?”

People sometimes think that new technology is all about new gizmos, bells and whistles they don’t need, and expensive toys they’ll never use. However, people sometimes don’t spend much timBad moralee thinking about the emotional climate at work, and the cost of that to you and your employees. When I ask gently, most people sure do have the embarrassment issues going on. What does embarrassment cost you and your team in terms of morale?  What does morale cost you in terms of your day-to-day ability to serve your customers?

It might be worth considering technology as an investment in your emotional well-being. Having better and faster answers to these questions can lessen your embarrassment and give your staff and customers new confidence. Enhanced tools, just the right ones for your business, might do wonders for your emotional climate.

As always, something to think about. Have a great week.

–Jonathan Miller

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