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Resisting Downward Pressure on Rates

How can you keep your local P&D rates up when everyone’s beating you down?  How can you compete when the national firms enter your last-mile market with tempting lowball prices?

There is one way to do it:  with unbeatable service.

resist downward pressure on rates local trucking

Keep Your Service Up!

There’s really no other way.

If you want to stay off the slippery slope, you need tools to give you consistently unbeatable service.  We’ve got the tools for you.  The ROI is totally a no-brainer.

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The Risks of Rebrokering

We received this from our friend Mark Stoyas at Basic Enterprise in Chicago.

There are compelling arguments for maintaining a separate brokerage authority, as summarized here. However, don’t forget the simple fact that, if you don’t have a separate brokerage authority, a brokered load that is involved in a costly accident can bring down the rest of your trucking operation–and we believe that is too high a risk to take.

–The Editors