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Leveraging Your Current IT Investment In Local Trucking

If you’ve survived the recession, you have probably made some IT investments over the years. You are probably using QuickBooks. You might have GPS. Your drivers might have smartphones.

But without a back-end system that is designed to tie together your other IT investments, you might be wasting time and money in one or more of the following ways. Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You write up quotes using rates that are on paper or in a binder.
  • You dispatch with T-cards.
  • You dispatch in Excel.
  • Your drivers have GPS or smartphones.
  • You do invoicing in QuickBooks.

All of these things are fine. People use them for good reasons. But each of them has limits and liabilities. If you use one of these, you are throwing away payroll dollars every pay period. And if you use more than one, chances are good that your office payroll is a sinkhole.

You may be thinking, “Come on, be serious.” We are completely serious. This is the #1 area where local P&D companies fail.

Why Rating By Hand Wastes Money

Rating with binders or rate sheets usually mean that only one person can rate at a time. What happens if that person is away, on vacation, or sick? What happens to your quoting activity? All the staff time it takes to rate and quote, not to mention finding old paper quotes – you are pouring money down the drain in the form of office payroll.

Why Dispatching with T-Cards Wastes Money

Using T-cards often means that some essential information about an order – accessorials, arrival/departure time, upcharges, changes to the order – could get missed when the order goes to billing. That’s money you leave on the table.

Why Dispatching in Excel Wastes Money

If you dispatch in Excel, someone has to type order information at least twice – once to dispatch and once to invoice. Sometimes it ends up being entered three times. Once again, think of all the wasted time in the office and what that costs you.

Why Driver Smartphones Waste Money

It’s great to have drivers be equipped with technology. Does your smartphone connect to your back-end system? If not, someone in your office is probably doing double-entry of arrival and departure times. Your dispatchers are still taking time (=your money) talking to drivers. And if you’re not capturing POD information in real-time, your customer service people will spend too much time on the phones answering calls that ask, “Is it there yet?” All that time costs you.

Why Invoicing in QuickBooks Wastes Money

If you invoice in QuickBooks, you have serious limitations on searching for old invoices, and what happens if someone disputes an accessorial or detention charge? It can take hours to research and resolve the issue – and you’ve probably then paid more in staff time than the disputed charge was worth anyway.

There’s a better way. Now we’re sure you love the people in your office and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them. What would your life be like if your office staff could handle all their current responsibilities in half the time? That’s what the right TMS does for you.