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HOS Rule Release Delayed Until October 2011

The FMCSA has decided to delay, until October, the release of its new Hours of Service (HOS) rules, according to an article published today in The Journal of Commerce.

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The new ruling is not likely to be beneficial to trucking companies, even local trucking firms.  As we’ve noted before, we do not believe the new proposed regulations to be of any benefit. Rather, they will harm local trucking companies.  The newest federal safety data show that the reduction to eleven-hour days was sufficient to dramatically reduce accidents and injuries.  Any further reduction is unnecessary and will be harmful to the industry and to the drivers who work for local trucking and cartage firms.

If you have concerns about how the pending HOS rules affect your local trucking business, don’t just sit on your hands;  contact your elected representatives!

–The Editors

Keeping Your Docks Safe in Local Trucking

We came across an interesting approach for keeping trucks connected to docks and preventing injuries.

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While it’s written by a biased source (the author works for a company that makes RIG-based and wheel restraints), the issues are worth exploring, and you can’t argue with improving safety and reducing injuries.

Who out there has experience with restraints of these types?